Course 4 Final Project: Ancient Civilizations

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After contemplating many different scenarios for a final project, my partner (Anna Dawn) and I, decided to go full circle. Therefore, we are going in with the new…out with the old!

For the final project of Course 1, we changed a few things in our Where We Are In Place And Time Unit of Inquiry.  It made sense to take the same UOI and give it an even more substantial facelift. We thought that by focusing on it again, we could show the growth we have undergone during our COETAIL Journey.

In this unit, there are many opportunities for the authentic use of technology: students will collaborate to create virtual ancient worlds with Minecraft; use QR-code scanners to access pre-selected websites; use the Britannica Encyclopedia online; blog with peers about their learning; attach videos to their museum exhibits with the Aurasma app; etc.

We are a little concerned that we might run into problems with the virtual worlds, as we are both not experts on Minecraft, however our students seem to be :). We will also have Grade 7 mentors to help us navigate through any rough patches.

We anticipate a steep learning curve for both teachers and students as we delve into the murky waters of gamification and project-based learning. Facilitating the establishment of connections to resources in and out of the school will also be challenging, but we are risk takers and will problem solve as we go. We also plan to make the transition easier by having parents complete a consent form to allow use of their child’s image and work. This is critical due to the fact that we are in a Muslim country with strict religious and moral laws.

Students will have many opportunities to develop a variety of skills over the course of this unit. Some of these skills are: collaboration, blogging, research, organization, problem solving, gamification, storytelling, and digital citizenship.

Below is the plan that we have in place thus far.


3 thoughts on “Course 4 Final Project: Ancient Civilizations”

  1. I love the idea of coming full circle. You are right: it’s a great way for you to view your own professional growth as a teacher!

    I think it is great that you are stepping beyond your comfort zone when it comes to Minecraft, and that you are seeking the help of 7th grade mentors. I’m wondering if this is a good opportunity to connect your students with the wider world as they share their learning in their grade-wide museum? Is there a way to make that museum both physical and virtual? I’m sure there are at least a few classrooms beyond the walls of your school that would love to learn from your students’ work!

    • Thank you, Clint. We are very excited about this unit and the new aspects that we are going to incorporate. We definitely are going to try and do some Skype sessions with other school, maybe even in the countries of our ancient civilizations. We are planing to have the children use Aurasma and QR codes with video links to try and add the virtual aspect.

      • Great idea to try and connect with students who are living in the countries of your ancient civilizations!

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